Glass Plate, News Ferry, Virginia Photos From 1909 - Page 5
I bought the following glass plate negatives at an auction in rural Virginia and started scanning them in during December 2006 between recordings. They range in quality quite a bit, and many don't seem to have been focused or developed in an exacting way. Maybe they are the work of an amatuer photographer?

There was an empty envelope separating the glass negatives and it is dated October 18th, 1909. The letter is from Ohio with no return address, and is addressed to Miss Ora Henderson of RR No. 2, News Ferry, Virginia. News Ferry is in Halifax VA. The glass plates look like they have some silver on them. A few are in boxes labeled Hammer Plates 4x5, and Azo Grade D Semi-gloss

Since I have posted the photos in 2006, I am glad to report that several family members have found them and enjoyed them. In fact, one person had a print from one of the original negatives! The Internet is amazing. (Thanks again Marshall and Anne!)
Regards - GR

Thanks to Marshall for contributing this actual print of the negative with a note from Ora.

Thanks to Anne for contributing this picture of Ora years later.

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