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George E. Tillinghast
January 12, 1909 - May 6, 2006

George Ellsworth Tillinghast was born on January 12, 1909 at West Mystic, Connecticut, the son of Andrew F. and Susan (Brown) Tillinghast. He was a graduate of Mystic Academy and attended Stonington High School.

He married Isabelle M. O'Connell of Norwich on June 4, 1934. Isabelle died on May 10, 1953. Mr. Tillinghast married Marion (Brown) Thornton, widow of Everett Thornton, of Jewett City, on October 21, 1955. Marion died on January 17, 2001.

George grew up in Mystic and as a young man started his employment career engaged in painting automobiles. He eventually gravitated toward the screenprint textile industry and spent the major portion of his work life as a foreman at Handcraft Textile Company in Plainfield, Connecticut. George retired in 1974 and for many years devoted his time to his hobby of refinishing antique furniture.

When he first married in 1934 George moved to Norwich and resided there until 2001 when he moved to Academy Point in Mystic. He spent many enjoyable years at Academy Point, an assisted living facility located in the building that formerly housed his alma mater, Mystic Academy.

He is remembered by his family and many friends as a gracious and thoughtful gentleman, who thoroughly enjoyed the company of others.

George E. Tillinghast
Isabelle Moore (O'Connell) Tillinghast

Isabelle (O'Connell) Tillinghast
Isabelle Moore (O'Connell) Tillinghast and Isabelle Audrey Tillinghast

Isabelle Moore Tillinghast with Isabelle Audrey Tillinghast
Andrew Franklin Tillinghast

Birth: 1 Feb 1879 in Griswold, New London, Connecticut
Death: 1918

Married to Susan Amanda Brown b: 01 Feb 1879 in North Stonington, New London, Connecticut
Married: 29 Nov 1900 in Griswold, New London, Connecticut

Children: Marion Louise Tillinghast b: 20 Sep 1905
Helen Lenore Tillinghast b: 20 Feb 1907
George Elsworth Tillinghast b: 12 Jan 1909

Andrew F. Tillinghast
Andrew Franklin Tillinghast

Andrew F.  Tillinghast
Andrew Franklin Tillinghast

Andrew F.  Tillinghast
Susie A. Brown
Birth: 01 Feb 1879 in North Stonington, New London, Connecticut
Father: Stephen Edwin BROWN b: 27 May 1845 in North Stonington, New London, Connecticut
Mother: Mary G. GREEN b: 08 Aug 1846
Susie A. (Brown) Tillinghast
Mr. Andrew Franklin Tillinghast
Susie A. Brown
Thursday, November Twenty-ninth
Nineteen hundred
Canterbury, Connecticut

Andrew F.  Tillinghast Wedding Announcement
George F. Tillinghast and Rosa (Wilcox) Tillinghast

George F. and Rosa Tillinghast
George F. Tillinghast
Biographical Sketch - Illustrated Popular Biography of Connecticut - 1891, Compiled and published by J. A. Spaulding, Hartford, CT. 1891, pp. 352-53

George F. and Rosa Tillinghast

George F. and Rosa Tillinghast

The Tillinghasts in America, The First Four Generations by Wayne G. Tillinghast Hard cover, 800 pp., library binding, black-and-white illustrations.

Researchers of early Rhode Island genealogy can rejoice over this rich new source of genealogical information on the Tillinghast family. Pardon Tillinghast, his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren played major roles in the life of the colony and young state. Since they married into all of the leading families of Rhode Island, this genealogy reads like a Who's Who of colonial Providence. The author traces both males and female lines with abundant detail and meticulous documentation. Families in Newport, Kent County, Washington County, New London, Connecticut, and Swansea and Rehoboth Massachusetts are also studied in depth. Researchers of the following families will find this book especially helpful:

Aborn, Allen/Allin, Almy, Angell, Anthony, Aplin, Archer, Arnold, Atkins, Ayer, Bacon, Bailey, Baker, Bailey, Ballard, Ballou, Barber, Barney, Battey, Bentley, Blodgett, Bolles, Borden, Bowen, Bowler, Brayton, Briggs, Brown, Buffington, Bull, Burroughs, Burton, Carew, Carey, Carpenter, Case, Casey, Chase, Champlin, Chandler, Chapman, Clarke, Coggeshall, Cole, Collins, Colvin, Congdon, Cooke, Corey, Cornell, Cozzens, Cranston, Crawford, Crocker, Davis, Dennis, Dexter, Drowne, Dyer, Earl, Easton, Ellis, Fenner, Fiske, Flagg, Francis, Freebody, Foster, Fry, Gardner, Gibbs, Gladding, Goddard, Godfrey, Gorton, Greene, Griffing, Grinnell, Hadwen, Hale, Hall, Hallstead, Hammond, Harris, Haynes, Hazard, Henry, Hill, Hodges, Holden, Holmes, Holroyd, Hopkins, Hoxsie, Hurlburt, Huske, Irish, Ives, Jackson, James, Jencks, Johnson, Jones, Kelton, Kingsley, Knight, Knowles, Lewis, Luther, Manchester, Martin, Mason, Mathewson, Mawney, Mercer, Miller, Morton, Munroe, Nichols, Norris, Norton, Noxon, Odlin, Olney, Parsons, Pearce, Peckham, Potter, Power, Randall, Rathbun, Rawson, Remington, Reynolds, Rhodes, Robinson, Rogers, Rounds, Russell, Sabin, Salisbury, Sanford, Sheldon, Sisson, Slocum, Smith, Spencer, Spooner, Springer, Stafford, Starr, Streeter, Sweet, Tabor, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Tibbetts, Townsend, Vaughn, Vernon, Wait, Wales, Ward, Waterman, Weaver, Westcott, Whipple, Whitford, Wickes, Wightman, Wilcox, Wiley, Williams, Wing, Winsor, Wood, Wyatt, and Young.

Based on patient archival research, the book includes far more than names and dates. Through this one family we see people's reactions to various events in Rhode Island history, including the burning of the Gaspee, the Revolution, religious controversies, the maritime trade, the slave trade, the issuance of paper money, inoculation, containment of smallpox and yellow fever, business successes and failures, and financial and romantic heartaches.

The genealogical detective work, especially on the male lines, is superb. Many longstanding confusions between people of the same name are carefully resolved. Some knotty genealogical problems—ones that baffled even the people who experienced them firsthand —are clearly explained. The extensive index is a delight to use.

This book was very favorably reviewed in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register of January 2007, p. 73. Henry Hoff, the editor, called it a "superb genealogy" and noted "Any genealogist planning to write a book -- or even just an article -- on a Rhode Island family should look at this work as a model."

Wayne Tillinghast, an eleventh generation descendant of Elder Pardon Tillinghast, was born and raised in Norwich, Connecticut. A graduate of the Norwich Free Academy, he received a B.S. degree in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut and graduated with honors, ranking first in his class, from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 1960. He has practiced law in Norwich since his admission to the bar in 1960 and is presently the senior partner of the Norwich law firm of Brown Jacobson P.C. Tillinghast, a litigator, specializes in representing hospitals and physicians in the defense of medical malpractice cases. From 1979 to 1999 he served as an adjunct professor of law at the University of Connecticut Law School, where he taught a course on Trial Practice.

While at law school Tillinghast authored several legal articles as a member of the school's law review and has since authored several historical and genealogical articles for legal publications as well as Rhode Island Roots. The Rhode Island Genealogical Society awarded him the Robert M. Sherman Fellowship for excellence in writing on Rhode Island genealogy in May 2005.

George, Isabelle, and Wayne Tillinghast

Isabelle (Tillinghast) Raines

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