Remind Myself


I like to remind myself what its all about
Who I am
So I have no doubts
Remind myself why Iím here
Just what I hope to do
In these few years

You can chase money
You can chase fame
You can add titles, and banners, and headlines
You can drop names
You can chase windmills
You can chase cash
You can chase lust, or stuff, or fairy dust
Build your stash

I want to remind myself
With a simple rhyme
What I hope to do in this short time
Those mystic chords of memory
Our better angels might just set us free

You can chase riches
You can chase gold
You can have treasures piled so high
That stories are told
You can get lost
In so many ways
You can chase glory, and power, and youth
Til the end of your days

I want to remind us all
Iíve made up my mind
Weíll make it better
Cause thereís still timeÖ

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Toby Wilson Much thanks to Toby Wilson (Pedal Steel), Daryl Bean (Saxes), and Patrick (Horns).

Copyright 2016 Raines, Raines

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